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An Introduction To Rebecca Morehead


Founder of Practice Manager Solutions

My 20+ years of front line healthcare experience includes:

  • Billing/Practice Management and Software
  • Electronic Health Record Systems
  • Best Practice EHR Workflow Consulting
  • Security Risk Assessments – personalized
  • HIPAA Security Policy Customization
  • Customized Compliance Plans and Protocols
  • HIPAA Security Workforce Training
  • Revenue-generating Programs
  • Implementing Web Practice Data/Patient Portal Software
  • MSO Business Management
  • Administrative Support Staff
  • Medical Billing and Staff Training
  • Hospital Administration Support Staff

Rebecca Morehead

My personal core belief is in More Life where we each enrich the life of others… from providers and employees to patients.  It is the Law of Nature to grow and increase; and I truly believe that we all have the capacity and ability to add more to the life of others.

My passion is seeing a smooth running medical office, one where patients get in and out in a timely fashion, without sacrificing the office staff’s compassionate attention to detail.  I am also motivated to help practices collect more revenue timely and efficiently and even create customized approaches to generating more revenue.

When lives are on the line, there is no task too small, no point too minute.  A smooth office flow is critical, and this is where I excel.  I am a troubleshooter for workflow challenges often seen in clinical areas especially after adopting electronic health records.

Medical Practice Managers and Physicians of all specialties are facing tremendous changes in dealing with so many healthcare and regulatory changes and they need help from someone who has worked in the field.

I’ve had to hire employees, resolve conflicts and break down communication barriers.  By utilizing business consulting or business coaching, I’ll be your confidante, your guide and your resource for establishing and/or improving your workflow, building your team and increasing cashflow.

The next step for us is to see if we’d be a good fit.  Together, we can be one step closer to a more cohesive environment for your employees, doctors and patients.

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